Tuesday, December 25, 2012

come and never let go

It has been a year
Everything was still fresh in my mind.
But, the flow does not like I wanted.
I don’t know what I should feel right now.
I don’t think I should be sad.
I’m truly glad for everything happen.
At least I knew you. Thanks for that.
I don’t think that I should stop dreaming since I can just do that.
Perhaps I can fight for it. And leave it to God.
One thing that still is the same since last year was the way you look, you stare at me.
Frozen I held my breath. Heart beat fast.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

May Allah bless

Allah sentiasa permudahkan.
Walaupun dh hampir setahun setengah ayah pergi,
kami tidak pernah lagi diuji dgn ujian yg berat.
Selain daripada pemergian ayah.
Allah sentiasa ada.
Kami tak susah macam anak yatim yang lain.
Moga Allah sentiasa redha.
& kami tidak leka dgn nikmatNYA.
and today i cried because i missed him badly.
since he was gone,i cant read story about hardship of father.
i cant watch any story about someone died.
it makes me cried heavily as i really missed him.